There are many who wonder if Newtown is an appropriate area to stay. In a span of few years, Newtown has completely changed its appearance from what it used to be.The very question that comes in mind right after this is which is a suitable place to stay, which is the most demanding area and why. Let Liyaans take you through a virtual trip with the help of this article. Newtown is spread out in a huge area starting from Action Area 1 to Action Area 3 all these areas are still under construction. However, what is already done are the pre-existing apartments which are getting filled up rapidly. Why do you think Newtown is getting popular so rapidly? The reasons being the location of the business/IT hub and a friendly environment filled with greenery with ample open spaces.

Although, previously the problems faced by the residents where lack of convenes, lack of job opportunities, affordability of property and safety issues, as the population of Newtown has increased property in Rajarhat is now affordable than it seems. Liyaans offers you the new launches projects in Kolkata with a suitable locality. Available convenes, 24*7 medical shops are available in different areas in Action Area 1, Action Area 2 and Action Area 3 so that the residents do not have to face any problems in the hour of emergencies. The most demanding property in Rajarhat is Action Area 1 and Action Area 2 due to the accessibility of transport as well as its location near City Centre 2 and Eco-park respectively with a short drive to the airport. Action Area 3, on the other hand, is mostly populated by the youth working in the IT sector Near Gate 1, Gate 2 and Sector 5. Action Area 1 is the most demanded Property In Rajarhat . Whereas, new launches projects in Kolkata are developing in Newtown making it the centre of development. Newtown is also known for luxurious living.

The rapid growth of Newtown has taken people in awe as Newtown changed like a caterpillar into a butterfly, Liyaans offers its help towards the all the aspiring groups of people who are thinking to settle down in Newtown, with affordable values, Vastu friendly apartments, 3 side open flats and many more options such as clubhouses and libraries. To meet with the budding desires of this era, Newtown has not only grown in terms of area but also in terms of society and settlement.

This area provides you with fine roads with well-equipped traffic control. A place is beatified with road designs and open market places as well as Malls in every nook and corner of Newtown. With speedily growing multiplexes and parks the change is quite evident, why not pay a visit and see for yourself.
By LNN (Liyaans News Network)