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22 May19

Uncertain About Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Even though there is unlimited information promptly available online despite those, we still require help from someone who happens to know the subject better than us. Similarly, when it comes to buying a property particularly when one is interested in investing in the upcoming residential projects in Kolkata, you would not want to make any mistakes, as even one tiniest mistake could result into a big hitch later. Since one is proven to be smarter to hire an expert at matters one has less

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18 May19

West Bengal’s hot staying demanded Housing destination : Newtown

The very question that comes in mind right after this is which is a suitable place to stay, which is the most demanding area and why. Let Liyaans take you through a virtual trip with the help of this article. Newtown is spread out in a huge area starting from Action Area 1 to Action Area 3 all these areas are still under construction. However, what is already done are the pre-existing apartments which are getting filled up rapidly. Why do you think Newtown is getting popular so rapidly? The

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26 Feb19

Will Home Price Go Down with the Revised GST ? (Expectation vs. Reality)

The recent update has made quite an uproar in the property marketing of late. Will this maneuver bring in the silver lining in the residential property business or there are still some hidden innuendos? Let’s dig in the real facts behind the recent realty rules.According to the revised tax rate, under construction homes are likely to attract 5% of GST whereas the new effective GST rate for affordable homes would be just 1%. Likewise, the Council has removed the tax credit benefit on

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