WB Cabinet Gives a Go to the Amended Thika Tenancy Act

WB Cabinet Gives a Go to the Amended Thika Tenancy Act

West Bengal cabinet finally blew the green signal for the 'Thika Tenancy' (Acquisition and Regulation) Act. This Act facilitates people living on a 'Thika Tenancy' land. With this amended law, these people can construct their own house or make an alteration on the land/house they have been staying.The amended act would finally privilege inhabitants of the Thika Tenancy land esp. the slum dwellers of Kolkata, Asansol, and Howrah. Finally, they are allowed to construct G+4 structures (each floor measuring around 385 sq ft.) instead of a two-storied construction with a fixed height of 9.5 metres.

The state Govt. of West Bengal mentioned that this act would grant a long-term lease to the encroachers on vacant Govt. plots. With this new measurement WB Govt. is aiming to unlock 2500 acres of unused real estate lands in and around of Kolkata and Howrah, confirmed by the State urban development minister Firhad Hakim.

Hakim, who is also the mayor of Kolkata also added, “People and tenants living on such land under Thika tenancy which are mostly slum areas should be allowed to build structures beyond the existing 9.5 metres. The landowner and the tenant would be able to make alterations “

"This Act will not only leave ban on the occupancy of the unused Govt. possessed lands but also drive inflow to the real estate sector. Both the developers and the suppliers can make money from this vital move. These kind of more such reforms are required to keep land cost at a fair reasonable prices so that developers / landowners can offer the final product to end consumers within their respective budget brackets” said the Chairman - National RERA Committee, NationalAssociation of Realtors (NAR), India Mr Mahesh Somani.

By LNN (Liyaans News Network)