West Bengal Govt Prohibits Night Demolition in Congested Areas

West Bengal Govt Prohibits Night Demolition in Congested Areas

The department in charge of urban development and municipal affairs has released a set of 19 guidelines to ensure that proper precautions are taken during the demolition of buildings located in densely populated residential areas. In the past, developers have demolished buildings without taking any safety measures, which has resulted in air and noise pollution.

According to the new regulations, it is prohibited to carry out any demolition work during nighttime, and it is mandatory to maintain the specified noise level and air quality as per the existing rules.

The authorities have noticed a concerning trend where numerous new buildings are being constructed after the demolition of old buildings in densely populated residential areas, without adhering to proper safety and precautionary measures.

Many old buildings in Salt Lake and other parts of the city are being demolished to make way for new structures, causing local residents to complain about noise and sound pollution. As a result of uncontrolled use of equipment to break the concrete and brickwork, debris often injures locals, and dust pollution occurs in the neighborhood. Additionally, trees are being cut down without permission from the forest department and kept on the road.

In response to these concerns, the authorities have developed a set of 19 guidelines for builders to follow during demolition work in congested residential areas.

It has been stated that no buildings located in an inhabited area can be demolished during heavy storms or rain. To ensure worker safety, a warning device must be installed in the area to alert them in case of any danger.

By LNN (Liyaans News Network)