What's the Process for Purchasing Land Owned by the Indian Government?

What's the Process for Purchasing Land Owned by the Indian Government?

Investing in or leasing government-owned land is no easy task, as there are specific procedures that buyers need to follow in such cases. Since land is under the jurisdiction of the State government, it is up to them to decide whether to sell any land under their ownership to private buyers. It's important to note that once acquired, this land can be utilized for various purposes.

Process of buying government land

 If the State government intends to sell any of its land holdings, it will release an official notification. Make sure to stay informed about such announcements, as they may involve the sale or lease of land in different states under specific schemes.

◊ You may also visit the state website to know more about any available land purchase or lease schemes of the Government

◊ You can also write your official application to the district collector (DC) of the locality where the land parcel is available

Mention your reason for buying the land clearly in your application

◊ If the authorities have already designated the land for agricultural purposes, you will not receive approval for your request

◊ Make sure that you do your homework on the land parcel carefully before applying

◊ If you are interested in purchasing land for building a house, it's worth keeping an eye on the schemes offered by the State government. These schemes often provide land parcels to citizens at affordable rates. However, it's important to note that these options are typically available only on a leasehold basis.

 There are multiple considerations and conditions that you should note for buying land under government schemes such as eligibility criteria, domicile status, and lease period

◊ In the case of land leased out by the government, it's important to note that the ultimate ownership will still reside with the state.

◊ You cannot purchase government land for profit-making

Purposes for Leasing Government Land

Agricultural purposes:

The disposal, sale, and leasing of agricultural land are governed by state regulations and involve various factors. Each State government has its own specific rules regarding the sale or lease of agricultural land to individuals not engaged in agriculture. For instance, the Karnataka Land Revenue Act grants the Government the authority to sell agricultural land to non-agriculturists. The process of purchasing such land typically requires submitting an application to the local Deputy Commissioner (DC), specifying the reasons for the land acquisition.

House building

Government schemes are periodically announced, offering land owned by the State government to buyers through various initiatives. Municipal and city development authorities frequently release these land-buying schemes, which include allotment of land parcels in government layouts through lotteries or other mechanisms for general buyers. In cases where no specific scheme is available, you can still apply to your local land revenue department for an allotment. However, please note that the chances of success for such applications are relatively low.

IT parks and industrial projects

Several states have industrial regulations and schemes that provide land for commercial projects. The state industrial policy outlines the details, and an application can be submitted with a suitable proposal. Leases are the preferred model for these industrial schemes or projects, especially for developing IT parks.

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