Our government has permitted such direct overseas or foreign listings for Indian companies and made some changes in the strategies for ease of doing business in post Covid-19 pandemic. Indian industry got a support by the digital seminar which is organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry to recover the mining industry on May 21 with the partnership of Finnish-Russian solution supplier “ZYFRA”. The webinar is organized to support the Indian industry and also for focusing the problems of the industry including to solve and manage that how can Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 can emerge the various sectors in the post Covid-19 era. Currently, the most importance is given to three essential parts- Survival phase, Recovery and Business with the Digitalization. These factors can easily reform the business strategies which will be effective and profitable in coming post coronavirus pandemic. This webinar will answer all the queries regarding the mining industry including its capabilities and digital transformation, the essential services which can be applied on various industrial operations for developing and implementing the solutions on IT, Artificial Intelligence and automation of mining industry. Many international and national associates will put forward their opinions for the usage of digital platform for  operating the system. Though there is a huge need of innovation solutions for developing the standards of production and increase the productivity in the mining industry. “The government is taking rapid actions to support the industries in the present time of Covid-19 pandemic and also supporting the economy with many innovative changes in the strategies for the ease of doing business. These directives and suo moto actions with the help of digital platforms can heal and recover the industries with a huge production can change the conditions of Indian industry.” Said  Mahesh Somani Vice  President-National Association of Realtors , Indian Chairman- National RERA Committee, NAR India.

By LNN (Liyaans News Network)