Due to the severe outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the real estate industry is facing severe loss and came to a halt and leading to the losses and crunches in liquidity cash inflow. The developers are also facing problems with the delivery of the projects due to not completing the projects as there is a lack of workforce and supply of materials. But with the several norms and government measures and funds, the real estate is improving which has a direct impact on the Indian economy positively. The moratorium of paying pending loans for 12 months, the waivers on registration and stamp duty, deduction in taxes, etc can heal the industry and also help the industry by reviving the sector as well.

Investing in the properties of real estate by availing certain benefits as provided by the developers to the consumers can easily make a passage of income and again reconstruction of the stalled projects. The developers can allow workers in the construction sites by maintaining social distancing and other measures in non-containment zones. New business strategies by using social platforms and connecting with people through mobile phones and internet connectivity and introducing certain beneficial returns and booking facilities can help more to boost up the sales in real estate.

There are other rules and measures coming up to heal the industry. With the growth and positivity of the realty sector, the economy will also emerge and can get a boost to provide more relief measures. The government is also helping the developers association by giving waivers and changes in business norms. The Residential Projects In Kolkata will be available with new designs and facilities by maintaining all safety measures on the premises for providing healthy and long lives ahead.

By LNN (Liyaans News Network)