Allowance on Construction of Projects within Municipal Limit

Allowance on Construction of Projects within Municipal Limit

Construction of project will be resumed with guidelines of municipal corporation. No workers will be taken from outside of working in the sites . Construction works will be suspended in the containment zones. All these measures are taken by the ministry of home affairs and the work will started from April 20, 2020 . All these activities will be done under strict compliance of district administration, state and Union Territories by maintaining all the lockdown preventive measures . Other than these construction of roads, irrigation projects, building and industrial project, are also allowed within the Municipal limits. According to the preventive measures and under strict jurisdiction of state territories for the movement of working people. There are some SOP which should be followed:

1. Offices should maintain temperatures and use sanitizers very frequently.

2. Working should done in shifts for maintaining social distancing.

3. Workplace should be sanitized thoroughly between the shifts.

These measures actions only for containment zone free areas but not for those areas which are affected by the Covid-19. Any person who is avoiding and not obeying the precautions Covid-19 they will be punished legally and strict action will be taken under the section of 51 to 60 of disaster management act 2005.

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