Bidhannagar civic body proposes uniform belongings tax structure for Salt Lake, Rajarhat

Bidhannagar civic body proposes uniform belongings tax structure for Salt Lake, Rajarhat

KOLKATA: The Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation has proposed a uniform property tax shape for the complete enterprise area of Salt Lake and Rajarhat. The civic frame has asked West Bengal Valuation Board to formulate the tax on the way to cowl all 41 wards.

The circulate to revise the belongings tax structure will pave the manner for the civic body to begin amassing belongings tax dues by means of March, 2021. Residents of the organisation region of Salt Lake and Rajarhat currently pay assets tax based totally on the valuations that were assessed in 1997 for Salt Lake and in 2005 for Rajarhat.

Civic officers said the valuation board changed into engaged in chalking up a brand new tax structure for the complete Rajarhat area and four different wards adjoining Salt Lake right. Tax payers in 11 wards in Salt Lake will, however, maintain to pay their belongings tax following the antique structure because of an ongoing felony case. The new fees will come into effect retrospectively.

“The valuation board is making a clean evaluation of the tax shape for Bidhannagar. Once it's far chalked up, the new tax shape can be relevant for the first 26 wards that lie in Rajarhat and just four Salt Lake wards, wherein residents currently don’t pay belongings tax,” stated a civic reliable. Officials said that when all forty one wards come beneath the revised tax structure based on the present valuation, the civic body might be in a role to mop off revenue of round Rs 150 crore.

Currently, the civic frame receives round Rs 25 crore-Rs 28 crore property tax from Salt Lake and Rs 10 crore to Rs 12 crore from Rajarhat. Only 50% dues of the modern economic year of 2020-21 had been amassed until now.

Till the four wards in Salt Lake — 27, 28, 35 and 36 — comprising Mahisbathan, Nayapatti and a bheri  area off EM Bypass are brought under the revised tax structure, they'll must pay taxes following the vintage shape in Salt Lake as an period in-between degree. Residents of these wards pay Khajna or land revenue on the close by BLRO office.

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By LNN (Liyaans News Network)