Big construction units to have recycle plants

Big construction units to have recycle plants

Construction projects that daily generate waste of 20 tonne or more will need to found out a plant where the waste are going to be converted into aggregates for other construction activities.

“Construction sites need to become environment-friendly and stop dumping waste. they need to line up a waste recovery plant at the location and work towards zero net waste generation,” a KMC official said.

Construction waste includes head break concrete blocks of pile caps and broken tiles that aren't biodegradable. rather than disposing, they will be used for paving of driveways. The civic body will still lift waste from smaller projects but this waste won't be dumped in landfills. Instead, KMC is fixing a crushing unit to convert the waste into aggregates which will be used as staple in construction activity.

KMC has taken a plot in Rajarhat to line up the development waste recovery plant. it'll have a capacity to handle around 500 tonnes of construction waste each day . The plant will crush the waste into aggregates which will then be mixed with concrete to pave roads. Around Rs 55 crore are going to be spent within the Rajarhat unit which will be handed over to a personal firm to work it for 10 years.

A comparable plant has also been planned in Garden Reach to facilitate waste recovery and reuse from construction sites in south and south-west Kolkata. “We had a desperate look for land to line up construction waste recovery plants. Finally, we zeroed in on two plots. We hope to initiate the development process soon,” said a KMC solid waste management department official.

Many building components and construction debris are often recycled. Concrete and rubble are often recycled into aggregate and concrete products. Wood are often recycled into engineered wood products. Metals like steel, copper and brass also are valuable resources to recycle.

This will substantially reduce the pressure on landfills and also help us recover wealth from waste. Such activities are already under way in Indore and that we are going to be fully supportive of its adoption in Kolkata.

By LNN (Liyaans News Network)