Boycott Chinese materials in construction: CREDAI West Bengal

Boycott Chinese materials in construction: CREDAI West Bengal

The CREDAI (The Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India) of West Bengal has decided unanimously to boycott the Chinese materials in the construction works and should use local materials. There are more than 900 projects which are registered under WBHIRA (West Bengal Housing Industry Regulatory Authority). CREDAI West Bengal is the crest association of the state which represents the CREDAI Howrah-Hooghly and CREDAI North Bengal. The association has taken such a drastic decision by looking forward to the current situation near the Ladakh border. The conflict between the Chinese and Indian soldiers has made the situation worst in the country and hence this decision is a move to show respect for the martyrs. 

This move will help the 250 allied industries which are connected with the real estate industry. To decide to boycott the Chinese materials, the CREDAI officials said that it is a united pro-active action from the country against China. To support the nation in this crucial time, he requested 400 members of CREDAI to adopt the policy of Swadeshi by using made in India materials in the construction site and ignore the Chinese materials. This will support the Indian economy and the allied industries will get the scopes to manufacture the goods mostly which is imported from China. About 250 products are used in the realty sector for construction from which 90% is manufactured autochthonous. Only about 10% of the materials used for construction like furniture, bathroom fitting, decorative items are imported from China. If realtors started using local materials instead of imported ones, the cost may be higher but it will help the economy to be stable enough. But if it is urgently, the realtors will import it from Japan, Korea, etc for the construction.

One of the officials also said that the premium projects in the state use the Chinese materials mostly but now if needed they will towards Eastern Europe as the price can be negotiated as compared to China. One of the reputed realtors said that there are many projects in the country which are premium and high-end projects where the products of France, Germany, and Italy are being used but for other projects, Indian products will be used from now onwards.

This decision has been passed to all the members and industries that are involved with the realty estate industry. If the sector adopts the policy of using Swadeshi materials in construction, it not only helps the MSME industries of the country but it will also have a good impact on the economic conditions of India. Now the buyers can explore the newest Flats In Rajarhat which will be furnished with indigenous goods.

By LNN (Liyaans News Network)