Builders to gain as Centre okays Coastal Zone Management Plan for Mumbai

Builders to gain as Centre okays Coastal Zone Management Plan for Mumbai

MUMBAI: After more than a decade, the Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) for Greater Mumbai has finally been approved by the Union environment ministry.

This will set the stage for towering structures near the underpinning as originators can now take two-and-a-half times the construction rights on similar plots. Earlier, construction was limited because of their proximity (500m 500m) to the coast under Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ ) II. Official sources said the very charts are hoped to be formally stamped and subscribed in the coming days. “ Structure restrictions for plots falling in CRZ II'will no II'will no longer apply, ” they said. 

Previously, builders whose plots were within 500m of the coast and 150m from a bay were allowed only base floor space index (FSI), which is 1.33 in the island town and 1 in the suburbs. Now builders are entitled to 2.5 times FSI.

BMC bldg only nods when notified cards are in

In a letter to the Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority (MCZMA), the environment ministry said on Wednesday that the National Coastal Zone Management Authority has recommended the CZMPs in Mumbai city and suburbs for approval. However, all projects prohibited in the notified environmentally sensitive zone (ESZ) will remain prohibited in that area.

Sources said the BMC won't approve building plans in areas affected by the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ ) until the ESZ and enjoined conditioning are defined, and the maps formally signed.

For builder Allwyn Saldanha, his 20-year hold to develop his seafront properties has at long last reached a conclusion. “We purchased a few properties in Bandra (West) in the mid-90s when suddenly, without any notice, restriction on construction within 500m from the High Tide Line was imposed. We suffered huge losses as the projects became unviable,” he said.

Environmentalist Debi Goenka said more construction along the city’s coast will be disastrous and quoted municipal commissioner Iqbal Chahal’s recent warning that by 2050, 80% of Mumbai will be under water. Further, he said the CZMPs have been supported dependent on 1:25,000 scale maps. The MCZMA and the climate division have affirmed recorded as a hard copy they don't have 1:4,000 scale maps. Without these detailed maps, no agency can consider proposals within the CRZ,” he said.

MCZMA sources said the authority will now forward the approved CZMP plans along with the copy of the letter to Anna University, Chennai, for the final signature. After receiving the final signature on the plans, they will be uploaded on the MCZMA website, a formality which will take 8-10 days,” a source said.

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