Chinese building materials are boycotted by Surat realtors

Chinese building materials are boycotted by Surat realtors

When the country is in tension for losing 20 soldiers as China has killed them, the CREDAI- Surat has decided to boycott the materials which are imported from China. More than 800 realtors are representing the CREDAI of Surat and they have taken a unanimous decision for not using Chinese goods like bathroom fittings, window fittings, kitchenware, etc which will be a big step against China. More than 5000crore per annum is being used for importing the materials from China.

One of the officials of CREDAI said that they have requested more than 20000 developers for not using the Chinese goods for their constructions and to take up the goods which are made in India by accepting the policy of ‘Swadeshi’.this will be a good move to the economy of India.

The national association of realtors has appealed more than 250 industries which are connected with realty sector and asked them to manufacture the materials of construction in India only and the association also emphasizing on the materials which specifically needed in the real estate industry and this is also beneficial for the economy of the country.

One of the officials of the association said that the Surat CREDAI is supporting the decision and they will pass a resolution to boycott the Chinese goods. Though, the Indian products are expensive than the Chinese products as per the views of realtors. This may lead to an increase in property costs to 15% in the market. Before restricting the use of Chinese goods, the fittings costing in an apartment was 5lakh which will increase to 7lakh id they start using the Indian goods. But people still can invest in 3 BHK Apartments in South Kolkata  by availing certain benefits and advantages of purchasing the flats.

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By LNN (Liyaans News Network)