Dhanteras: An Auspicious Day To Invest

Dhanteras: An Auspicious Day To Invest

The five-day Diwali festival begins on Dhanteras, the 13th day of the waning stage of the lunar month in the month of Kartika. People in India firmly believe that doing and purchasing a few items on Dhanteras can open the doors to luck and wealth for quite a long period in the country's cultural and religious history. Lakshmi Puja is conducted during Dhanteras, a lucky time to buy property on Dhanteras, worship the Goddess of Wealth, and welcome fortune into your home.

The upcoming holiday season is causing a sense of excitement in the air. These celebrations include the thrill of shopping, among other things. In the second half of the Hindu calendar, Dussehra, Dhanteras, and Diwali are three of the most fortunate days to buy precious stones, jewellery, and real estate. Any significant transaction made on these days is said to prosper significantly in folklore.

One of the luckiest days of the year is Dhanteras. Beginning on Dhanteras, the five-day Diwali festival begins. Every purchase made on this day is said to bring about significant rewards. The phrase "Dhanteras" comes from two words: "Dhan," which denotes riches, and "Teras," which designates the thirteenth day of the Krishna Paksha, or lunar month, Kartik. The God of health, Dhanwantari, took on human form on Dhanteras. 

On this day, it is stated, Dhanwantari emerges from Lord Vishnu's Samudra Manthan, or ocean churning, carrying a pot of nectar that gives life. In order to obtain good health and wealth in life, one prays to Dhanawantri, the deity of health.

On this day, it is stated, Dhanwantari emerges from Lord Vishnu's Samudra Manthan, or ocean churning, carrying a pot of nectar that gives life. In order to obtain good health and wealth in life, one prays to Dhanawantri, the deity of health.


What Makes Diwali, Dhanteras, And Dussehra So Unique?

Since Dussehra or Vijayadashmi represents fresh starts, it is widely observed. While the Dhanteras holiday marks the start of the Indian business year, the Diwali festival begins on that day. According to the Hindu calendar, the words "Dhan" and "Teras" denote riches and the thirteenth day, respectively. One of the most significant purchases an individual or a person will ever make is buying a new home, and owning a home is also a sign of affluence. Because of this, these are regarded as the most significant muhuraths of the year. Due to this, people look forward to Dussehra and Diwali as some of the luckiest days to invest in or acquire new money.

Diwali is the day when Lakshmi, the goddess of riches, is worshipped in addition to being the beginning of the New Year. This day is regarded as the ideal time to make significant decisions and buy new real estate.

While many of these lucky days are an excellent time to buy a house, it is by no means a good enough reason to finalise the deal. To entice potential house buyers, several real estate developers may launch promotions with discounts, freebies, and other add-ons. It is advised to conduct an extensive study before accepting such offers.


Buying Property on Dhanteras And Success

This festival is particularly noteworthy because, according to tradition, it is also connected to Ganesha, the deity of knowledge, Dhanvantari, the God of medicine, and a young princess who outwitted the God of death by using her intelligence and practical wealth and saved her spouse. This confluence resulted in the knowledge of the value of health and cleanliness, the wise accumulation of riches, and the overall prosperity and happiness of the household. On this day, ritualistic cleaning of the home and purchases of gold and silver goods, coins, and jewellery were made in an effort to further invite the deities' blessings of wealth and well-being.


Buying Property On Dhanteras: Think Past the Gold

Gold has always been associated with riches, abundance, and luck. However, as times and appreciation rates have changed, wealth has grown to include homes, lots, and other real estate types. Purchasing a house or a luxury villa on Dhanteras is now regarded as equally auspicious. Any such investment, whether in gold or real estate, is supposed to blossom and prosper twofold, and as we already know, Goa real estate prices have been steadily rising. Therefore, it appears that this Dhanteras is the ideal moment to invest in Goa's luxury real estate market and subsequently find your perfect property.


Always keep in mind the following while purchasing real estate on fortunate days: - 

◊ Set your budget in advance. This will also assist in making wise judgments about buying property on Dhanteras.

◊ Self-evaluation is essential before making a property purchase. Verify the property's future benefits through analysis.

◊ Ask for loan offers from at least three banks before buying property on Dhanteras.

◊ Find out crucial information about the "locality" of the property you are investing in, such as the proximity of transportation options, medical facilities, educational institutions, and other societal infrastructure.

◊ When choosing a builder, do extensive research and background checks.

◊ Being well-informed is crucial no matter what kind or type of property you're buying on Dhanteras.


When considering purchasing real estate on Dhanteras, investment managers advise the following:

 Plan your spending carefully and far in advance, and be aware of all the expenses associated with buying the villa, as well as the additional costs of its furnishings and any applicable taxes and registrations.

 Consider your selections from at least three different banks if you are looking to finance the purchase with a house loan.

 Find a builder with a solid reputation and recommendations who has aesthetics that you like.

 Choose a builder who will provide you with the best value for your money and the most satisfactory returns on your investment for the development.

 Verify if the property is in a growing area and has a high resale value.

 Things To Avoid Purchasing On Dhanteras


Here is a small rundown of things you should buy this Dhanteras and tick off your list:

◊ IronSteel

◊ Empty serving ware

◊ Sharp things

◊ Cars

 Oil Glass items

 Fake silver and gold jewellery or coins

Dhanteras holds exceptional importance for the local business area because of the standard acquisition of valuable metals, particularly gold, on this day. Buying relentless property on this day is viewed as favourable. We hope you could get knowledgeable information about purchasing property on Dhanteras.

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