Dip into e-wallet to pay property tax in Kolkata

Dip into e-wallet to pay property tax in Kolkata

Coming time you want to clear your property tax dues, take help of a Chatbot service and get linked to a payment mode and you can use youre-wallets to make the transaction. Also enable a dealer to apply for a trade licence or renewal of the same.

This piecemeal, the KMC brass will also offer a citizen to apply for mutation of his/ her properties online and upload the property- related documents for verification by the civic officers before issuing a mutation document. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation on Saturday introduced a Chatbot service which will give a host of services. Property duty payer has to visit the KMC website and pay the pretenses usinge-banking installation through a paymen gateway.

A citizen will only need to class the assessee number and get details about his/ her pretenses and will automatically connect the applicant to the payment option. The new system will give the aspirant ample compass for using disbenefit/ credit cards or simply thee-wallets for payment of property duty," said MMiC and IT counsel to KMC.

Also, an advanced software will enable a property proprietor seeking a mutation instrument to upload his/ her property related documents on the KMC assessment department Website for verification by the KMC assessors-collectors. The assessment department officers will give a green signal online, If the documents are valid.

At present, there's no scope for a property proprietor to upload his/ her property related documents online for verification of those documents by the KMC assessment department officers in case of allocation of mutation instruments. In 2016, the KMC assessment department had introduced an online mutation instrument service for the citizens. The same now gets modified with the new option for uploading documents. In case of allocation of trade license instrument or renewal of those instruments, dealers can mileage the Chatbot service and get the instrument without going through hurdles.

A elderly functionary in the KMC assessment- collection department said they were dependent on the services of the communal body's IT help."We're ready to serve the citizens. But we need sustained support from IT help,"the functionary said.

By LNN (Liyaans News Network)