Kolkata Mayor warns officials of suspension over illegal constructions

Kolkata Mayor warns officials of suspension over illegal constructions

The Kolkata Mayor is taking a tough stance on illegal constructions and has warned officials that they could face suspension if they are found to be involved in such activities. It is important to follow the rules and regulations when it comes to construction to ensure the safety of the residents and the environment.

If buildings department officials in boroughs fail to report illegal constructions in their jurisdictions or neglect to take action, they can be suspended without a showcause notice.

The municipal commissioner, issued a circular reminding assistant engineers and sub-assistant engineers of their duty to be vigilant against illegal constructions in their respective boroughs. The circular made it clear that they cannot shirk their responsibilities if a building is constructed without proper sanction in their jurisdiction.

“If an illegal construction is spotted, an assistant or sub-assistant engineer must issue a stop-work notice to the promoter and send a copy to the nearby police station. This is to ensure that the police keep a watch on the activities of the errant promoter. If the promoter continues with the illegal construction, it should be brought to the attention of senior officials at the headquarters. Failure to act in time or neglecting duties may result in the municipal commissioner issuing a suspension notice against the errant officers,” Sources said.

To eliminate this problem, we have made the decision to keep a central demolition team prepared at the civic headquarters and assign senior officials to oversee the demolition process. If necessary, the municipal commissioner will address the issue with the police commissioner to mayor.

By LNN (Liyaans News Network)