Post Coronavirus Impact Across the Country

Post Coronavirus Impact Across the Country

The coronavirus pandemic has shattered the whole world and it is a big event taken place globally which has a great impact on the economy of the country and also on the other essential works. Though this turmoil will be solved soon but it has some severe outcome which will need time to recover soon.

Companies with e-commerce facilities will last with profit gains

The companies which has the facilities of e-commerce and can also gain some profits by providing essential materials. These companies can give service to the customers without coming in contact with the each other by maintaining social distancing. The logistics company and food delivery companies are the profit makers during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because of those customers who believes in online shopping.

Disadvantages of the remote work

Eventually, people are working from home and is a new experience in their working schedule. But this is restricting them to communicate with other people physically which sometimes very needful in their fields of profession. Business like real estate are also being stopped for the time being but the companies are facing losses and even the employees are in a bid stress of losing their works. The construction and supply of materials are also being stopped due lack of transport flexibility.

Tele medication facilities

Nowadays many emails are sent to the customers phone for the medical consultation and medical services online. Many doctors are aware their patients about their appointment and consult with them about the further medication. In this case people does not have to visit to the doctor chamber physically.

Boost to digitalization

Digital infrastructure nowadays are growing rapidly and people are happy to save their time and making their work in concise. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, many work which is to be cleared physical meeting are stalled like site visits in real estate industry and many more. Taking up digital infrastructure as a part of the business, marketing and making up deals has became easier and served as a pathfinder for the developers and entrepreneurs to gain profit. Communication with the clients through phone calls, video conferencing and using other social platforms made the changes in business strategy.

Expansion in digital events

Many essential works like education and business meetings are held through digital events. Conferences and audio-visual education systems are taking place due to Covid-19 lockdown.

Though after discussing the above triggering points, our government are taking best measures to support the economy and human resource. Effective measures for real estate also been taken for continuing the business and encourage the developers for cash inflow. Buyers can contact with the developers by searching in online portal for investing in property in Kolkata. Still people are hoping for the best and waiting for the recovery from this current situation.