Reason To Invest In New Alipore !

Reason To Invest In New Alipore !

If you want to invest money then New Alipore could be a safe choice for you. In one word it is a very peaceful place. It is situated Between Majherhat and Tollygunge. It is the border of Budge Budge section. On the east side, it has Chetla, Behala is on the south side, and Diamond Harbour Road is on the west side of the New Alipore. It is a very popular place. Many people live here. Roads are always busy with traffic jams. Lots of shops and markets are located in this place.

What is the best: -

  Their transportation system is very well. All vehicles are available up to midnight

  Two railways station is nearest. One Majherhat station for the Budge Budge section. And the other one is New Alipore Railway Station. So you can reach Sealdah very quickly.

  It is a very safe place. Because Tollygunge Women Police Station is very near to this place

  Like another popular place in Kolkata, it is also a good living place. If you see it from the education side then you could get knowledge about New Alipore Collage. For children, there are many schools. Like DAV Public School, St. Joseph& Mary School, and New Alipore Multipurpose School. All are very reputed educational centers.

◊  The banking system is very good there. The number of branches ATM is always open.

Transportation Department: -

  No doubt if you know about the transportation department you would be a wonder. Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station is within just a few minutes walking distance. So you can reconnect south to north Kolkata very easily

  Because of the railway station you can reach Sealdah very quickly

But keep a thing in your mind. When you will go to an official place, please keep extra time in your hand. You could face a jam because of Bailey Bridge and Taratala Crossing.

Shopping Place: -

  Now, come to the very interesting point. That is a shopping complex. If you want, you can goshopping. Because you can discover there one of the biggest shopping placesin South City Mall

  Pahal Creation, Bangur Complex, and New Alipore Market Complex are also good

Place for visit: -

◊  Itis a famous place. From there you can visit many places. You can say that it is in themiddle of many popular locations.Now you will see why is it

  Kalighat temple is less than 10 kilometers

  Famous Laxmi Mandir and Alipore Zoological Garden are also there

◊  In Durga Puja,this place becomes very beautiful

  One more thing is very catchy. That is nature.Because of lots of trees. If you go for a morning walk or evening walk you can enjoythe lovely environment

Good things in this place: -

Big towers, big hotels, and big residents all covered this place. It is a very aristocratic area. This is also a very hygienic place. For this reason, countless people want to invest in this place. Some projects have highlighted this place. Those are Natura, Gajraj Jamini, Nav Prantik etc. So you can get residents there within your budget. Numerous varieties are available there.

Conclusion: -

The tax rate is a little bit high from other areas. But it is not a problematic part. Good water, Elective supply, and fresh food market are very well there. People are there very helpful and well mannered. The main emergency thing is hospitality. That is very near to this spot. The uncountable good thing is there for investing purposes. People always like this kind of pretty place and also give the first preference for living.

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By LNN (Liyaans News Network)