Reason why Akshaya Tritiya is auspicious for investment in real estate

Reason why Akshaya Tritiya is auspicious for investment in real estate

Reasons why you should invest in a residential property in Kolkata or anywhere on  Akshaya Tritiya


We Indians wait for the right time and day to take big decisions and no other day is more promising than Akshaya Tritiya . If you are buying a flat for generating revenue income, then (as per the saying goes) buying it on this day will keep the revenue coming for a longer period of time.


Real Estate players in India know their consumer’s buying pattern very well and they offer special discounts and come up with many schemes which not only lure you but convinces you to make the investment. And at times, these deals are really hard to resist. Some players offer deals at 0% interest for first few years of buying or at minimal interest as well. This is the time for those who were waiting for the right moment to invest in a new township project in kolkata. Be sure of checking the offer and reading it thoroughly, as a few schemes have back-fired in the past. Investors need to make not just smart decisions but also need to do their homework properly.


Summers are here and this time of the year, people are generally in vacation mode. Children are free from their routine as schools have shut, so people waiting to take a break, finally can. Many will join or leave their jobs, many will migrate to different cities. Even for business owners, the new financial year has also begun, and they have kick-started their work for the following year. So, this is the time for people living on rent to switch their address. People planning to buy must take this opportunity and invest in a luxurious property. 


For the past few years, the real estate market in India has been less volatile and have been providing steady returns. This is the time for regular or first-time investors to consider buying a housing project in Kolkata. Till the time market is steady, it is advisable to make the investment. Otherwise, you will miss out on this opportunity which might have been beneficial for you.

First-Time Homebuyers Can Take Advantage of Akshaya Tritiya
Not only customers but also developers wait for such situations to entice fence-sitters. Developers are aware that there are purchasers in the market, but whether or not they would lock in their projects is dependent on the schemes that the developers give to the buyers. In other words, festivals like Akshaya Tritiya allow homebuyers to bargain with developers and get the best offer possible.

There are no floor increase charges. Leading developers are offering monetary gifts, tour trips, flexible payment choices, and no GST across properties, making it the greatest time to invest. Currently, the industry is reasonably steady. And it is hoped that it will provide the business with a much-needed boost ahead of the holiday season.

Developers devise enticing programs to attract fence-sitters and first-time purchasers. An additional discount is always welcome once he has decided on a property based on his location and other preferences. What else could a buyer want?

5. Be mindful

Customers are frequently lured into purchasing flats that are well above their means by marketing ploys employed by developers in order to clear unsold inventory and generate bigger margins. One can also be on the lookout for lump sum cash discounts that are offered by increasing the base price before the festival season. Customers must keep track of real estate values, taxes policies, and any necessary approvals.

Property buyers, according to experts, should concentrate on the cost of the purchase. Only if the seasonal offers help property buyers cut their purchase costs or deliver higher returns on investment are they worth considering.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Flat During This Time of Year Tritiya Akshaya

1. Avoid buying on the spur of the moment.

2. Non-cash discounts should be avoided in favour of cash discounts. While some non-cash freebies may appear appealing, you may not find them useful. For example, if you already possess a car and the developer offers you the same automobile model as part of the festive offer, it is useless to you.

3. Avoid deceptive holiday promotions.

4. Avoid considering freebies at this stage when evaluating properties based on amenities and quality, as they may affect your decision.

5. For offers, avoid verbal assurances. Always document everything.


Investing in real estate during Akshaya Tritiya is a great opportunity and a long ongoing tradition. Ongoing offers and special incentives by developers and banks make it an even more of a sweet deal. However, one should be mindful of their requirements, their monetary restrictions, i.e., budget, and not give in to impulsive decisions based on the marketing tactics by developers.

We hope this article helps you make an informed decision. Happy Akshaya Tritiya.

By LNN (Liyaans News Network)