Recently Alipore is Reaching Heights in Terms of Properties

Recently Alipore is Reaching Heights in Terms of Properties

Best property selling locality: Alipore

It is said that Alipore is almost as old as Kolkata and British developed most of Alipore. Alipore having a historical outlook with old Kolkata building has become a tourist attraction over the years, notwithstanding the changing society Alipore has remained the same and has been on the green area list right after Saltlake. The home buyers are aiming at purchasing their property in Alipore not only for the area also for the developing amenities who could imagine that Flats In Kolkata , which is in Alipore will have booming amenities with the south Kolkata culture and the old Kolkata essence. While others aim to shift in varied places in Kolkata auspicious consumers will like to stick with a proper Kolkata location. The benefit of staying in a place that is completely under CCTV surveillance by the Alipore Police Station is secure while theft and crime are comparatively much less than any other property in Kolkata. Alipore is supposedly one of the fewest locations of Kolkata with this facility. Buyers want to reside in such a place which is harmonious as well as secure.

What's New?

One of the most elite and premium localities of Kolkata is exploding with new buildings with flocking buyers on the line. The upcoming residential projects in Kolkata introduces the 88 East in Alipore the benchmark of Alipore’s norms and casual flats will rotate on a 360-degree axis. The 88 East will offer 2/3/4 BHK apartments for the interested consumers along with offers one could not refuse. For those who are interested in staying in Alipore 88 East is good news for the feel of staying in a posh area at a posh building with exclusive amenities is rare in Alipore. For buyers who rest their interest in duplex and penthouse will not be disappointed since there is nothing, 88 East does not have. Investors who want to lay their money on properties aspiring for long-term gains will be looking at a huge turnover from such properties. This is mainly because of the location of 88 East connecting entire south Kolkata with Gobindapur creek in the north, Bhawanipur in the east, Diamond Harbour Road on the west and New Alipore in southward directions.

Why is Alipore so Famous?

Alipore is a place which is located in the heart of Kolkata and was built at the time of British-raj. The reason it has a historic presence in Kolkata is for the Victorian houses some even more than over 100 years old along with old bungalows. Alipore zoo is another attraction for children and even adults who are into photography. What better amusement can one ask for when there is a lot of field space among roaming around almost like they are just beside you and you have a picnic basket, badminton rackets and your entire family beside you to enjoy the view as well the food and the games, right? The National Library, on the other hand, is a tourist attraction along with a lot of natives flocking there to have good study time. The historic value of the Nation Library is far greater than one can imagine and people say that there are secret chambers hidden in the library itself. While surfing through properties one never misses to check out properties in Alipore, so even if you are one of them feel free to check out the 3 BHK apartments in South Kolkata at

The Commute and Amenities

On hearing Alipore many think that without a personal vehicle may be should not buy a property there but do you know the roaring commute surrounding the city? Diamond Harbour Road is just 20 minutes, Vidyasagar Setu at 8 minutes distance. Railway stations like Khidirpur are 10 minutes from here, Brace Bridge is just 12 minutes. The metro stations which surround the area are Rabindra Sarobar 12 minutes from Alipore and Netaji metro station 15 minutes away from your stay. This commute structure will help you reach anyplace in proper Kolkata within an hour. Many times when we purchase a property we overlook the importance of commute especially those who have their own vehicle. The situation can be worse and your car might be in the garage while you will still need a fast commute that is when a good transport area is needed and we feel relieved to stay in such locations. This locality is covered with police quarters, IPS residents and police courts which will remind you how secure you are whenever you pass through those buildings. Maximum of the government offices and consulates are built right in Alipore, which is also the district headquarter of South 24 Parganas, making it an upscale neighborhood.

Alipore is stacked with amenities like schools (St Pauls, St Teresa, GD Birla, etc), hospitals (Kothari Medical, CMRI, etc), and restaurants (6 Ballygunge Place, Oudh 1590, Santa’s Fantasia, etc) along with the Taj Bengal and Racecourse nearby. Imagine you have a day off and you want to visit someplace with your family staying at a barren place won’t do good while Alipore will bring joy to your wife and children for the number of places you would get tired visiting. So, if you are excited and interested to purchase your property in Alipore start booking 88 East now so be the first among your friends to have a great place to reside at.

By LNN (Liyaans News Network)