What are the Tips for broker corner in Covid-19 pandemic?

What are the Tips for broker corner in Covid-19 pandemic?

Continuation of business in real estate industry is not at all easy. But still, developers and brokers need to carry on their business by maintaining some common rules. They should communicate with their respective clients through phone calls and emails regularly.

Cold Calling in Real Estate

Cold calling is a way of tele-conversation where a healthy relationship grows between the seller andbuyer for continuing the business dealings. Through this, buyers can get the clarification of their queriesand also discuss about the property prices. There are some points that people should remember during cold calling-

1. Any people can severely affected by Covid-19 so if anyone replies with call back later or I ambusy. Don’t call them back immediately. It’s better to take time and patience.

2. Talk with the clients politely and by maintaining professionalism go to the point of the topicquickly. Get in touch with those who works from home and speak about the subject quickly asthey don’t have a fixed schedule to work.

3. Do not call the clients in odd times. It’s better to call when people are done with their morning essential works and lunch works. Seller should call the clients with proper network stability so that it goes smoothly and conversation should be ended in one call.

4.  Make all the important points noted and keep paper and pen handy that the seller does not miss out any point.

Email Communication in Real Estate

Apart from tele-conversation, sending emails properly with all details also help brokers to communicate with clients.

1. The email will start with proper greetings and all gentle gesture to show respect to the client.

2.  All the property details with specifications including brand names and link of the official website should mention to know more.

3.  Avoid spam, alternative usage of different languages, unimportant information, unwanted blogs etc in the mail content.

4. Do not call immediately after sending the mail. Wait for the answer and feedback of the clients.

Though clients can browse more on online portal and plan to invest in Residential Flats In Kolkata for the best properties and then call the respective sellers for more information.

By LNN (Liyaans News Network)