Which Colour is Accurate According to Vastu

Which Colour is Accurate According to Vastu

Each colour has significance on the inhabitants, hence experts’ advice on choosing the accurate colours for various rooms in your residence.  We know that different colours have a significant psychological impact on people. Since your house is the place where major time is spent keeping in mind that colours generate distinctive emotions in people. Hence, it is essential to keep an appropriate balance of colours in your residence to feel fresh and live a healthy life. Residential flats in Kolkata are Vastu friendly and offer you to choose your favourite colours before you move in. As per the experts, colours should you have taken under consideration according to the direction and date of birth of the owner. Often it has observed that certain colours might not suit the owner even though it had been selected keeping in mind the specific directions. For this reason, homeowners must stick to the general guidelines for colours as per Vatsu Shastra. Let’s take a look at the colours as suggested by experts:

1. North- Green or Pista green

2. South- Red and yellow

3. East- Light Blue or White

4. West- Blue or White since Varuna or Water has occupied this place

5.  South-east- As this direction is ruled by fire, orange, pink and silver colours can be used to increase the energy.

6. South-west- Peach, mud colour, biscuit or light brown

7. North-east- Light Blue

8. North-west- White, light grey and cream are the best choices since this area is connected with air.

Extra precautions must be taken while selecting colours like black, red and pink as these do not suit everyone. Property in Kolkata offers you the best combination of flats where you would set up your home with colour choices of your own. The guideline you could follow for each section in your home, the colours you select will be depended on the energy required in the room as well as keeping in mind the size and direction. Colours must be selected as per the areas’ usage here are some ideas you could follow:

1. Master bedroom - The master bedroom should be painted blue as it must be located on the south-west in your property.

2. Guest room/ drawing room - Depending on the location i.e. north-west the colour should be white for a guest room/ drawing room

3. Kid’s room - Those children who have grown up and are out for study purpose, their room ideally should be located north-west in the property and the moon governs this position hence the colour should be white.

4. Kitchen - The location of the kitchen must be south-east and therefore be painted red or orange

5. Bathroom - The bathroom must be situated on the north-west and must be white in colour

6. Hall - North-east or north-west is best for the halls’ location hence yellow or white colour is appropriate

7.  Exterior - The exterior colour should be based on its owner hence, yellowish-white, off-white or light mauve or orange shall suit all the zodiacs.

These guidelines will help you choose the right colours when you book your property in Kolkata , light shades are always good compared to dark shades like red, brown, grey and black may not suit everyone as these represent some of the celestial planets like Rahu, Shani, Mars, and the Sun. Colours like red, deep yellow and black should be avoided as these colours have high intensity and may disturb the energy pattern inside your house, say the experts. 

By LNN (Liyaans News Network)